St Francis of Assisi, Baddesley Clinton

[Archdiocese of Birmingham: Registered Charity No. 234216]


Fr John Sharp                                          01564 782498

Thirdd Sunday of Lent (B)                                                                4th March 2018                              




                               Saturday           6.00 pm            People of the Parish

                               Sunday             9.30 am            Marjorie Parsons


Second Collection for the Maintenance of St Chad’s Cathedral, Birmingham


Monday [Lenten Feria]

9.00 am                   Ann Howitt


Tuesday [Lenten Feria]

9.00 am                   Lance Hare-Scott


Wednesday [Lenten Feria]

9.00 am                   St Felicity’s Intentions


Thursday [Lenten Feria]

9.00 am                   Welfare of Emma


Friday [Lenten Feria]

9.00 am                   Hilda and Arthur Poole

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at the end of Mass until 10.00 am

7.00 pm                   Stations of the Cross


Saturday [Lenten Feria]

9.00 am                   Lola Campbell



Confessions: Saturday, 4.30-5.00 pm


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please pray for the sick in our parish and for those who have died: Mignon Cope; Marie Devaney (anniversaries)


Last Week’s Collection: £403.85.  Second Collection: £112.25. Thank you. 

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bible Study on Tuesday at 7.00 pm in the presbytery.


Please note that Team A will be cleaning the church on Saturday morning.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you would like to help decorate the church at Easter, please place your donation on the plate at the back of church.


Forty Days for Life is again holding a prayer vigil outside the Marie Stopes Abortion Centre in Edgbaston, Birmingham, from 14th February until 25th March.  Please see the leaflets at the back of church for more details.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There will be a day on ‘Eucharist and the Family’ at the Maryvale Institute, Birmingham, on Saturday, 24th March.  See poster in the church porch for more details.


Also in the church porch is literature relating to this year’s Archdiocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes. This runs from 26th May until 1st June..  Assisted Pilgrims, who require medical and helper support, should contact the Lourdes Pilgrimage Office directly.



St Bernard says that the least drop of the blood of Christ would have sufficed for the redemption of us all.  And Christ could have shed that one drop without dying.  Therefore, even without dying he could, by some kind of suffering, have redeemed, that is, bought back, all mankind… [Although] mankind has not been redeemed by any other suffering of Christ without huis death…Christ would have paid sufficiently for the redemption of mankind not only by giving His own life but by suffering any suffering no matter how slight, if this slight suffering had been the thing divinely appointed, and Christ would thereby have paid sufficiently because of the infinite worth of His person.


St Thomas Aquinas (c.1225-1274)