St Francis of Assisi, Baddesley Clinton

[Archdiocese of Birmingham: Registered Charity No. 234216]


Fr John Sharp                                          01564 782498

Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)                             10th September 2017                               




                               Saturday           6.00 pm            People of the Parish

                               Sunday             9.30 am            Private Intention


Monday [Feria]

9.00 am                   Private Intention


Tuesday [Feria]

9.00 am                   Private Intention

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at the end of Mass until:-

6.00 pm                   Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament 


Wednesday [St John Chrysostom, bishop, doctor of the Church]

9.00 am                   Private Intention


Thursday [Exaltation of the Holy Cross]

9.00 am                   Private Intention

Veneration of the Relic of the True Cross at the end of Mass


Friday [Our Lady of Sorrows]

9.00 am                   Private Intention

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at the end of Mass until 10.00 am


Saturday [Ss Cornelius, pope, and Cyprian, bishop, martyrs]

9.00 am                   Private Intention         



Confessions: Saturday, 4.30-5.00 pm


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please pray for the sick in our parish and for those who have died: Annie Hattin (anniversary).


Please pray also for Arabella Heidi Drew, who is to be baptised this afternoon, her parents and godparents.


Last Week’s Collection: £371.80.  Thank you. 


Tuesday is our annual Day of Eucharistic Exposition and Adoration.  If you are able to commit to spending half-an-hour in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, please sign the list at the back of church.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Beginning this week there will be a period of Eucharistic Adoration from the end of Mass until l0.00 am every Friday in spiritual preparation for the Eucharistic Congress in Liverpool next September.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bible Study.  We are hoping to have a regular Bible Study on Tuesday evenings, beginning on 19th September, at 7.00 pm in the presbytery, to which anyone is welcome. We shall start by looking at the Acts of the Apostles.


Advance Notice.  We always try to give the church and sacristies a thorough clean in preparation for the feast of St Francis on 4th October.  This year, the clean will take place on Saturday, 30th September from 10.00 am onwards.  If you are able to come along with dusters, polish, etc. and give a hand, it will be much appreciated.


The Bishops of England and Wales have restored the solemnities and holydays of obligation of the Epiphany and the Ascension to their traditional dates, instead of being transferred to the nearest Sunday.  This means that the Epiphany of the Lord will be celebrated on 6th January, unless it falls on a Saturday or Monday, when it will continue to be transferred to the Sunday (in common with all holydays of obligation that fall on a Saturday or Monday) and the Ascension will be celebrated on the Thursday following the Sixth Sunday of Easter.



Think often of God when you are busy working or enjoying yourself, as well as when you are relaxing.  In this way you will share with Him your everyday life, with all its joys and sorrows.

God is always with you, even when you are not aware of Him.  He is always interested in you.  He always loves you, no matter what happens, no matter what you do.

So do not ignore God in your everyday life, just as you would not ignore a great friend who came to see you.  God does not expect much from you – a little thinking of Him from time to time, a little loving attention to Him, sharing with Him your everyday life.  The briefest matter-of-seconds thought of Him will be acceptable to Him.

You can do this anytime, any place, whether you are alone or with others.  You can do this without words – just a secret loving look at him.  You can do this in short, sharp, secret prayers which you make up or which you know by heart.


Based on The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence (d.1691)