St Francis of Assisi, Baddesley Clinton

[Archdiocese of Birmingham: Registered Charity No. 234216]


Fr John Sharp                                                      01564 782498

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)                                                          12th February 2017                               




                                    Saturday           6.00 pm           People of the Parish

                                    Sunday             9.30 am            Denis McCarthy



Monday [Feria]

9.00 am                                               Private Intention


Tuesday [St Cyril, monk, and St Methodius, bishop, patrons of Europe]

9.00 am                                                John Craddock


Wednesday [Feria]

9.00 am                                                Private Intention


Thursday [Feria]

9.00 am                                                Welfare of Gail Jones


Friday [Feria]

9.00 am                                                Private Intention


Saturday [Feria (of Our Lady)]

9.00 am                                                Private Intention



Confessions: Saturday, 4.30-5.00 pm


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please pray for the sick in our parish and for those who have died: Barbara Service; Neville Poole; Sr M. Rose;  (anniversaries).


Last Week’s Collection: £305.20.  Second Collection: £114.44..  Thank you.


It would be a kindness if all Christmas wreaths could be removed from graves (and preferably disposed of off-site) by the end of February; thereafter, they will be removed without further notice.



What is Jesus Christ to me?  He is my love in the deepest human sense of which my human heart is capable; do I need to say more?  He is my satisfaction, pressed down deep and flowing over, is not that enough?  He is my inspiration: in Him, and for Him, and from Him, and with Him is my life and all it contains: let Him take it and do with it exactly what He pleases.  He is my strength and my support; when I fail He lifts me up, when I suffer He is my companion, when I am alone and despairing, He is at my side.  And He is my crown; I ask for nothing more; with Him, come what may, I know I shall have enough, here in this life and for all eternity.


Archbishop Alban Goodier, S.J. (1869-1939)