St Francis of Assisi, Baddesley Clinton

[Archdiocese of Birmingham: Registered Charity No. 234216]


Fr John Sharp                                                      01564 782498

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)                                                         29th January 2017                               




                                    Saturday           6.00 pm           People of the Parish

                                    Sunday             9.30 am            Nina Clark


Monday [Feria]

9.00 am                                               Private Intention


Tuesday [St John Bosco, priest]

9.00 am                                                Denis McCarthy


Wednesday [Feria]

9.00 am                                                Private Intention


Thursday [Presentation of the Lord Candlemass]

9.00 am                                                Marjorie Parsons


Friday [St Blaise, bishop and martyr]

9.00 am                                                Private Intention

Blessing of throats at the end of Mass


Saturday [Feria (of Our Lady)]

9.00 am                                                Private Intention



Confessions: Saturday, 4.30-5.00 pm


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please pray for the sick in our parish and for those who have died: Mary Smith; Catherine Hedges; Fr Mortimer Loftus (former parish priest); Mildred Plumbly; Florence Mary Ryan; James Michael Lewthwaite; Isabel Loftus (anniversaries).


Last Week’s Collection: £316.00.  Thank you.


There will be a second collection at both the Sunday Masses next weekend for the work of LIFE in the archdiocese.  LIFE works to give practical and emotional support to women, men and their families who feel their only option is abortion, providing a better way so that women can keep their babies and abortion becomes a thing of the past.


The annual Parish Finance Meeting will be held after Mass next Sunday.  This is an opportunity to look at our income and expenditure in 2016 and to assess the state of our finances.  Everyone is welcome.


It would be a kindness if all Christmas wreaths could be removed from graves (and preferably disposed of off-site) by the end of February; thereafter, they will be removed without further notice.



Although the Church of Jesus Christ is found in many different places, she is one Church, not many.  After all, there are many rays of sunlight, but only one sun.  A tree has many boughs, each slightly different from the others, but all drawing their strength from one source.  Many steams may flow down a hill-side, but they all originate from the same spring.  In exactly the same way each local congregation belongs to the one Church.

If you put a solid object across a ray of sun it disappears, cut off from its source of light.  If you break a branch off a tree, it dies and can never bud again.  And if you dam up a stream, the course will soon dry up.

The Church offers the light of Christ to the world, flooding out from him who is the source of all light.  Cut off from that light, and the darkness is total.  To cut oneself off from the Body of Christ, where the light shines, is to chooses darkness.

The Church stretches out her branches all over the earth, offering shelter and refreshment to the weary.  And she also pours out the living water, which we can drink and never thirst again.

At all costs, let us make sure that we are not guilty, by our divisions, of cutting off from men and women that light, that shelter and that water of life.


St Cyprian (200-258)